Raisa Zwart

Raisa Zwart

Ah, SNAP! We love that Raisa is coming to Sweden. She is a “get shit done” kind of person.

✅ Official FujiFilm X-Photographer

The Confetti Collective co-founder

✅ Steady flow of work within weddings

✅ Steady flow of work outside weddings

We’re likely not doing this writeup justice to describe her, so we’ll leave it at this. When from afar, you’re able to see and feel that someone is a doer, likely there’s truth to it.

With Raisa, we’ve seen this hustle for years now so to finally have her on the big stage this October is an honour.

Ticket Price Increase

Quick heads-up: tickets are €295 + VAT until the end of this month, then increase to €395 + VAT.

Presentation Title & Description

Get Selfish

Are you ready to build the business that really fits your life? Your personality and a business that foresees in all your needs both on the business as the personal side? Let’s find the next step to take within your business. The next rule to break, the next though choice that needs to be made. And just do it! I’ll take you through some of the choices that I’ve made and their outcomes: both the good and the bad, and will help you figure out your next move.

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