5 minutes with — Antonio Patta

Antonio Patta is a wedding photographer from Sardinia, Italy. We had his attention for a few minutes to share a bit more about herself and how he approaches his work.

WUN: So, for those who don’t know you, who is Antonio Patta?

Antonio: My name is Antonio. I’m a wedding photographer from Italy. I live in a wonderful place, a city called Alghero, on the north-west coast of the island of Sardinia.

WUN: Is that the breeze you can hear in your background?

Antonio: Yeah. I’m sitting by the sea right now as we speak.

WUN: So how big of a place is that?

Antonio: It’s a small place, about 40,000 inhabitants. Very touristy. We have a very beautiful summer season here and people from all over Europe come here for holidays.

WUN: So it’s kind of a destination wedding type of place?

Antonio: Yes. Sardinia is a very beautiful place to get married. It is a very well-known place to go among Italians, but not so well-known outside of Italy, not like Tuscany or Amalfi Coast, Rome or Venice, but we have nice spots where you can have a very beautiful wedding, so couples do come here from all over Europe.


WUN: So do you shoot mostly Europeans who come there or do you have a lot of local couples who hire you too?

Antonio: I don’t work a lot with the local market. It is about half and half with Italians from other parts of the country and couples from other countries in Europe like the UK, Holland or Germany. Sometimes even from Sweden.

WUN: So you shoot only weddings or do you do other things?

Antonio: Mostly weddings. I think being a wedding photographer is an attitude. So for me I can express myself very well with weddings.

WUN: Do you feel you can be more creative in that field than in other types of photography?

Antonio: I’ve never tried doing something different, not very much anyway. I have friends of mine that do commercial photography and I help them with their work at times. It’s very interesting, but I am happy with weddings. I like to work with people more than doing still life or working for companies.

WUN: What is it about weddings that intrigues you?

Antonio: People, first hand. But I like other cultures, other ways of life and being a wedding photographer means I get to establish something with the couple. To be something more than just a photographer. Someone who get to understand who they are as people.

WUN: So it’s about being a part of their life and getting to know them and what they’re all about.

Antonio: Yes. Maybe you remember the intro to the Way Up North video in Rome. That is my voice speaking. It said that people don’t remember you, but people will remember what you do for them.

For me, that is the truth. It’s very important.

I’m happy with doing that. I want to grow my business and create something different, but related to weddings.

WUN: Like what?

Antonio: Well, I’m starting a new brand in business with a friend of mine and we want to focus more on destination weddings more than local weddings. It’s a big step, but we have started working in that direction, to venture together outside of Italy.

She’s an Italian photographer, also from Sardinia with similar ideas to myself, same attitude. We have worked together two or three times before, so we know what it is like.

Check out Antonio Patta online here: Website | Instagram

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