• Inspired. Committed. Now what?
  • Add substance to your style. Effective strategies for improving your business.
  • Propel your business to the next level. Practical presentations from 10 industry leaders.
  • A European wedding photography event that delivers relevant insights from around the world.
  • Karin Lundin

    I am a cat loving mom with a degree in social studies, a background in commercial photography and retouch that have finally found my calling in documenting moments of love.

  • The Costa Sisters

    We’re the Costa Sisters, although we’re UK Videographers our style screams Americana.

  • Mónika Frias

    I’m a loud gal from the Caribbean who loves people and talking about life and good food. Oh! and music of course. I love music.

  • Mark Pacura

    Polish Scot or Scottish Pole living in Glasgow. Always complaining about the weather, but too afraid to move to a warmer climate. Father, husband, photographer and founder of Wooden Banana.

  • Caleb Arias

    I’m a 20 year old freelance photographer and full time photography instructor.

  • Shari + Mike

    We are just two small-town kids who moved to the big city wanting to get the very most out of life. 10 years later we are doing what we love, in a city that we love all while raising our adorable womb nugget August Grey.

  • Raisa Zwart

    I’m Raisa Zwart, a fine art ánd storytelling photographer from the Netherlands, shooting intimate weddings & elopements worldwide. You could call me a beach lover, big dreamer and a sucker for yoga pants, traveling and Moroccan food.

  • Whitney Chamberlin

    I’m a self-taught entrepreneur, educator, and photographer who – after becoming one of the world’s top 10 wedding photographers – shifted to focus on community building, helping other emerging creatives achieve their dreams.

  • Kara Mercer

    Hi, I’m Kara but you can call me Kare-Bear! With 12 years of experience as a photographer, I now mentor all over the world about wedding and commercial photography.

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Presented in the modern Italia – A contemporary theatre in the heart of Rome.

Hosted at the luxurious Swedish Film Institute, Way Up North is returning to its’ theatre roots with a modern twist.

The theatre setting is stylish with absolute comfort. Envision a flawless theatre setting with a massive screen and beautiful, soft seating and you get the feeling.

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