Lena Larsson

Människor som gifter sej saknar en plan B. Iaf för stunden. Jag har nog alltid varit en all in plan A sorts människa & jag tänker att det är därför det lirar.

Sen är bröllopsfoto så rakt och ärligt som en kreativ process någonsin kan bli. För det saknas mellanhänder inom bröllopsfoto. Inga skitnödiga art directors som stretar åt ett håll på samma gång som en ängslig marknadsavdelning stretar emot.

Man skapar med människor på plats. Utan begränsningar. Det.

Johanna Rosenlew

Min kamera är som min andra röst och tredje öga. Jag har aldrig varit bra med ord, men med mina bilder kan jag uttrycka mig fritt. I åratal försökte jag hitta en annan väg i livet, men på något sätt fortsatte jag att komma tillbaka till bröllopsfotografering. Att se den glädjen som mina bilder ger mina brudpar var det som fick mig totalt fasta för detta jobb.

Maria Broström

När jag började filma bröllop 2016 gjorde jag det för att jag inte ville släppa mitt eget bröllop. Jag har fortsatt för att det är det bästa jag vet. Hade jag inte haft räkningar att betala hade jag gjort det jag gör helt gratis. Skratt, tårar, dans. Det är mitt varför.

Jonas Burman

Det som driver mig (och som nästan kan få mitt hjärta att nästan explodera ibland) är att påminna människor om hur fantastiska de egentligen är, så att de känner sig starka nog att ge det bidrag bara de – och ingen annan – kan ge till världen.

Nadja Endler

Jag plåtar bröllop därför att jag i detta yrke får tillgång till sårbarheten hos andra människor. Sårbarhet, tillståndet där vi människor connectar genom att våga visa vår inre nyfikenhet eller rädsla eller uppspelthet eller lekfullhet. Livet blir en jävla gåva när vi connectar på det här sättet.

Karin Hasselström

Fotografering är för mig en stund där min hjärna kan go bananas, ett fyrverkeri av idéer som virvlar runt, en känsla av välmående men samtidigt också en utmaning som får mig att växa, den tvingar mig utanför det bekväma fyrkantiga ramverket.

The Costa Sisters

We’re known as the original rule breakers, we shook up the wedding world around 6 years ago. Bringing rough and rugged vibes into weddings! Our style is totally niche cause we’re not for everyone + we don’t wanna be! We take our inspiration from anywhere but the wedding industry. We thought FUCK IT + we’re doing weddings our way. We girl boss our butts off to always have high fucking standards so we can forever stay true to our branding.

Mónika Frias

I get to fall in love with amazing people and their stories doing my job. I try to make their memories look (on video) the incredible way they felt in person. I get to work with people who share my creative vision. Isn’t that a great job to have?

Mark Pacura

If you enjoy something and are capable of building good life around it, there’s not need to ask why. Photography for me is as much about art, as it is about business. As long as my head is filled with imaginary frames and different business ideas, the only way to look is forward. The question is, how do you find time?

Shari + Mike

Ultimately we photograph weddings because we love people + connecting with the story behind what makes every couple special and unique. Beyond just taking photos we view what we do as an opportunity to help our couples have the best day ever. We are living the life we are today thanks to an army of people who impacted our lives. Photography for us is an avenue to pay it forward. There is so much life to live and we want to spend the time we have been given with the people we love, doing things that bring us joy + fulfillment.

Karin Lundin

For me working as a photographer is a selfish act. Even though it means many lonely nights far away from my family the rush from catching a teardrop of joy, a little too loud of a laughter or lingering hug always makes me long for the next wedding.

Caleb Arias

I’ve been practicing photography and videography since the age of 13. My dad is a full time photographer in Atlanta GA and I pursued photography full time with his help. I’m now a full time photography instructor living in Dubai UAE.

  • It's here!! My new website 😮✨😍 // I am SO, SO excited to finally share this with you: my new website is finally live! It's all about the beach, adventures, travels, new work to discover ofcourse ánd next to the print shop, now also a shop for photographers. Go check it out! (Best to be viewed on desktop / PC but mobile ofourse works as well 😜). For those who are curious about the video I made with The Dreamers - Wedding Cinema - be sure to check it out in this post!Oh and btw: next to the excitement, I'm kind of nervous and soo curious what you all think of it. So be sure to drop a comment down below! 🙌.x Raisa

    Posted by Raisa Zwart Photography on Sunday, 8 July 2018

Raisa Zwart

Quitting law school was one of the best decisions I have ever made… I kind of struggled with ‘choosing’ what I wanted to as a career but when I picked up my first camera right after my 19th birthday, I rapidly fell head over heels in love with photography and entrepreneurship. Photography is my tool to show people how I see the world. Full of amazing places, filled with the most loving people and with details telling real stories. My Inspiration comes from nature, traveling and the most important of all: all these stories I get to hear and see day in day out.

Whitney Chamberlin

I came from a humble background and taught myself what I needed to know to become one of the world’s top 10 wedding photographers. Once I achieved my dream, my dream changed, and it became my dream to help other creatives achieve their dream – through community, connection, and wellness.

Kara Mercer

Hello, I’m Kara! My friends call me Kare-Bear. I am a wedding & commercial photographer plus art director living in Seattle, WA. I specialize in developing content for fashion, travel, and lifestyle brands. Most known for my usage in light, I love to create strong concepts and storylines utilizing techniques I have learned over 12 years of holding a camera.

Our Host

Anna Roström

I was born in Sweden.
I moved to Pakistan (long story).
I now live in Stockholm.
I have a hunky husband, a hyperactive life, and a neurotic reindeer at my backyard.
I travel everywhere for love (and for champagne).
I think that me time is going to the bathroom without my kid.
I love my bathroom, and my kid, in different ways.
I used to hunt criminals but now I hunt natural light.
I am actually not a small pig, surprise!
I am just a photographer with a strange nickname.

Photo: Henrik Roström

Brian Morrow

I’ve done about a million weird gigs. I was a paper boy, a wood workers apprentice, a projectionist at a movie theater. I installed a telecommunications network at a housing project for Indian Monks. I worked at the flag ship Taco John’s in my home town – Cheyenne, Wyoming. I painted two building sized grain silos in the world’s weirdest town – Fairfield, Iowa. I was the head of Security on that movie, Hesher. I got sent to Dubai as an air courrier with one hour notice, same thing with Rome except that time I saw the Pope!

I’ve stood at the finish line of marathons and photographed thousands of runners drag their nearly broken bodies across. I’ve shot hundreds of graduations and hundreds of weddings. I’ve spliced fiber optic cable in cold tiny trailers, and mounted giant satellite dishes on the top of radio towers. One time I was hired to pretend that I worked at this architectural design firm so it seemed like they had more employees during a big client meeting. I ended up editing a rap video and answering to the name “Brant”. It’s all in a days work.

I finally stopped taking day rates when I started a production company called Shark Pig. Now I just have one job, but it keeps me busier than ever. We shot 130 weddings this year. And our recent commercial clients include: UGG, Canon, Delta, Kingsford, and FedEx to name drop a little. That’s bragging, but in all honesty – my hair is going grey from all this work.

Photo: Braedon Flynn | Videos: Brian Morrow

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