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  • A European wedding photography event that delivers relevant insights from around the world.
  • Ross Harvey

    The mind is the strongest—or weakest—link in the chain of creative expression. Understand and optimise the mechanics of your mind and you’ll be completely free to (joyfully) explore and play with your intuitive creativity.

  • Anna Roström

    At the moment I’m trying to be a out-of-this-world-wedding-photographer while side stepping enormous piles of laundry and raising a tiny human. I think you get it.

  • Jonas Peterson

    I’m a storyteller. It’s taken on many shapes over the years, but in essence it is what I’ve always done; told stories about people and what makes them who they are.

  • Sara Forte

    I keep an online recipe journal with my husband, Hugh. We have created two cookbooks together. We do freelance recipe and photography work. I share about life and food with a community that has sprung up around Sprouted Kitchen.

  • The Uppermost

    We are best friends turned into a team of wedding photographers based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We capturing moment in beauty, obsessed with bold color, striking lights and turning our couple’s world upside down.

  • Max Wanger

    Born and raised by reformed hippies, I was educated in LA, Honolulu, Berkeley and the here and there of Tokyo. I’m a lover of lazy Sundays, mismatched socks, negative space, NYC, soba, green tea and last but almost certainly first, my family.

  • Caroline Tran

    I am a storyteller, photographer and an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. Whether it’s the love story of a couple, the milestones of a baby, or the brand of a company, there is a story to tell. I bring their essence to life with my photos.

  • Ian Weldon

    I’m a photographer that (mostly) photographs weddings. I have no love for the photography industry and even less for the wedding industry. My love lies with photography, plain and simple.

  • Kristen Kalp

    I’m a writer, poet, and coach committed to helping you go your own way — in business, and in life. (Also, swears. I’m committed to swears.)

  • Hugh Forte

    I am a husband, father, son, a reader, questioner, watcher, traveler, a waterman (amateur), and an outdoorsman (what’s less than amateur?). All of these things inform what I am when asked for the short answer: a photographer.

  • Katya Mukhina

    Sharing love for adventure and romance with my couples, telling stories about them or how they dream to be. My passion for exploring the world made me master creating unique pictures with couples perfectly blended into the landscapes.

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The atmospheric theatre, with its unique interior design, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.