Ross Harvey

There’s a chance you don’t realise how powerful you are. I’m not talking about muscles—being able to lift heavy things is limited usefulness for most people—rather the inherent ability that awaits within your mind. Abilities that, if left unchecked, can actually manifest negatively in your life.

The mind is like a car, it has a forward or backward motion to it. Progressive or recessive. Joyful or fearing. Most of us sit in the passenger seat of our minds with no one steering in a specific direction. Not good, as that means the autopilot mode takes control, which is programmed in us by our parents, peers and culture. Usually the worst bits, unfortunately.

The good news is that our minds—as I started this introduction with—are delightfully powerful.

I’ve spent nearly two decades researching creativity, consciousness, physics (both classical and quantum), biology, neurology and psychology with regards to maximising the mind for fulfilment and creative expression. It’s worked; numerous awards/accolades and a joyful life spent shooting and teaching around the world.

I’m here for one reason, and one reason only. To pass everything I’ve learnt on to you. It’s incredible, life changing stuff. Bring an open mind, and perhaps a bottle of gin. The best chats are always with a refreshing G&T.

See you in Stockholm!

Photo: Nick Tucker

Anna Roström

I was born in Sweden.
I moved to Pakistan (long story).
I now live in Stockholm.
I have a hunky husband, a hyperactive life, and a neurotic reindeer at my backyard.
I travel everywhere for love (and for champagne).
I think that me time is going to the bathroom without my kid.
I love my bathroom, and my kid, in different ways.
I used to hunt criminals but now I hunt natural light.
I am actually not a small pig, surprise!
I am just a photographer with a strange nickname.

Photo: Henrik Roström

Jonas Peterson

My heart is too big for my body, so I take it on trips where I tell stories about love. So far it seems to settle it down.

I’ve been many things, some of them define me, others have just flashed by on my journey to become me. I’m still not there, but I’m on my way. Today I shoot weddings for a living, but it’s stories about people that keep me going. It’s easy to get cynical working in the wedding machine, but I was brought up thinking we’re all equal.

That we’re all worthy of love.

I’ve been named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world and I’ve shot weddings all around the world, but titles and accolades only distract you from why we do this. I don’t think anyone shoots weddings just for the money, deep down we share a passion for love and how it unites us – and that is the core of the stories I try to tell.

I just want to tell the story of how you love.

Photo: Steve Stanton

Sara Forte

I don’t think I realized how deeply I care about the work I do until I had kids of my own – how sincerely I care about being an advocate for putting real food in our bodies for long term health. Not as a diet or to be restrictive or with an intent to label certain foods as “bad.” I like cheese and ice cream and a good crusty piece of bread, but I believe in maintaining a vegetable rich focus and ingredients you can recognize.

I want to be a resource for sharing recipes, ideas and products through our books and online platform that will inspire people to cook. I want to make food that is beautiful, seasonal and attainable. Things you can make for company or perhaps get on the table in 20 minutes for your hungry family.

I want to encourage people to take good care of themselves and their people by the food that they eat.

Photo: Hugh Forte

The Uppermost

We both find careers and our purpose to serve others through the wedding industry as a photographer.

We could not ask for more blessings than we already have: a hobby into a job, appreciation of clients, getting to know other cultures and also traveling around the world.

Because marriage is one of the biggest milestones, celebrate love and life with the people you care about.

It is an honor for us as a team to be witnesses through our cameras.

We are part of their heritage.

Photo: Hedrian Ngabito

Max Wanger

It took almost 30 years for me to figure out the true meaning of “follow your bliss.” But it’s a sentiment that has ultimately allowed me to end up doing what I do now. Taking photographs has always been one of my outlets. From an early age, I felt like I could disappear behind the lens and observe the world. I’d imagine no one else was seeing what I was seeing. I suppose that’s the beauty of photography: everyone sees the world differently.

Today, I split my time shooting commercial/advertising work and weddings. Both offer unique challenges. Both have taken me all over the world. Both have introduced me to incredible people. Above all, both have provided me with an overwhelming sense of pride and happiness — dare I say, bliss.

Photo: Margaux Wanger

Caroline Tran

To me, photography is about connecting with your subjects and bringing out their essence on film. Many of these connections turn into lifelong relationships where I have the honor of watching and documenting them through life, sharing in some of their most intimate moments like in the sensuality of boudoir, to the intimacy of a couple’s kiss, to the birth of their children. I find inspiration in every connection.

My work has been published in numerous publications and clients include a handful of celebrities.

Photo: Ashley Goodwin

Ian Weldon

Snapshots for me are king, the greatest of all photographs. Where things are captured as they happen, not contrived or preconceived. There is a nostalgic quality to them, a truth that seems devoid in the perfectly posed portrait or group shot.

As an artist it’s my job to select these moments, and as Joel Meyerowitz so eloquently puts it, “It’s the quality of our selection that makes us visible to the world”.

Photo: Guest at a wedding

Kristen Kalp

Holy shit, hello! You’re here!

I’m a writer, poet, and business coach — i.e. not a photographer — who can’t wait to meet you and skip the small talk to get right to the good stuff.

We’re going to talk about the next level for your business and why it doesn’t exist. We’re also going to talk about why giving zero fucks is the answer to nearly all your business woes and why the weird bits you tend to hide are actually your most valuable bits.

Photo: Love Knot Photo

Hugh Forte

I have always loved making. My father is a craftsman, and I think I always knew I would be a creator of some sort as well. As a kid it was filling up sketch books and cobbling together childhood inventions in the garage. Somewhere along the way it became making images with a camera.

Striving to capture the moments of my life and others’ – from sprawling spaces to eternal promises to food on the table to my son cobbling together an invention in the garage. These moments all say something beautiful. My hope is to find this beauty where it is so I can share it with others.

Photo: Selfie

Katya Mukhina

Canon Ambassador (Explorer) in Europe. It’s been 14 years that I’m engaged to wedding photography every single day. Last 8 years fall in love with destination weddings, pre-weddings and engagements, travel around the world from Iceland to Bora Bora, from Tierra del Fuego to Hawaii, from Namibia to Kamchatka, Russia.

Exploring new places together with my clients great opportunity to express creativity.

Photo: Vlad Smyrnov

Our Host

Nisse Hallberg

Swedish comedian Nisse Hallberg is returning for a third time as the host for Way Up North. His brand of comedy is brash, innovative and hilarious.

We’re very excited to have him as host, and can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the wonderful world of weddings.

Photo: Therese Winberg

Our DJ

The Flashdance

I bought my first record at the age of 9 (45 of Frank Sinatra’s – New York New York). In 1996 I started DJing by night, while booking and producing shows in night clubs, theatres, and festivals by day. Two years later I took a job in marketing, advertising, and brand strategy. After 10 years of the Ad world I realised I needed more, so I walked away from the clients (stayed pals with the creatives) and moved to LA.

I started The Flashdance from my dining room table during the worst recession in recorded history with a pregnant wife and no money. In almost 5 years we’ve turned it into one of the most highly regarded brands in the wedding and event industry.

Photo: Dan O’Day | Videos: Shark Pig

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts with the presenters, and collectively we aim for people who inspire action with their ideas.

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