A fast-paced presentation experience added to this year’s Stockholm event


What would you share if you only had ten minutes?

That’s the premise of wunX, an exciting addition to the Way Up North stage in Stockholm this October.
These presenters will hit the big stage and present high-paced, 10 minute presentations. Right on the mark, running clock and all. Presenting from the heart in front of hundreds of peers is a challenge. Getting to the point in exactly 10 minutes is even more difficult.

Sascha Kraemer

I’m a Cologne based guy that shoots weddings for a living. Some call me a wedding photographer.

I don’t really feel like a photographer, but I love to tell a story with my images. I started taking photos while traveling the world and always tried to turn every trip into a little story which is what I’m now trying to apply to my wedding work. The most important thing in my photography is to tell these stories as they unfold in all honesty with all their natural emotions and moments. I try and capture my clients as they are as human beings and I couldn’t care less about “perfection”.

Apart from that I like coffee, pizza and mountains. Who doesn’t?

Photo: Martin Hofman

Sandra Åberg

I’m very passionate about capturing beauty or creating it. Some people say I see the world in pastel colours and it is not far off – I tend to focus on the positive and I’m a big dreamer!

Taking pictures is something I have always done and my grandfather was a photographer too. I started out in the fashion industry and lived in Milan then moved more into portraits and then later on after my own wedding – wedding photography and I love when I’m able to combine my fashion angle with wedding photography to create something unique and magical for my clients.

I believe in LOVE and Magic in this world of crazy – I believe in real honest relations and I believe in living a life in FLOW.

My true environment is with my hands in the sand in the sun listening to the waves or old school hip hop tunes. I love nature and rarely shoot inside simply because I’m inspired by the environment and believe the setting is as important as the story of the people I photograph – I think the two melt together as one and create perfection.

Photo: Julie Livingstone

Oskar Allerby

My first love was music, second was food, then the love for people. Or maybe it was the other way around. It wasn’t until my late twenties I met the love of my life; photography. Naaaaa. This is way too cheesy. Let me start over:

Hi everyone, my name is Oskar.

I’m a photographer.

I’m 40. I’m from Gothenburg, Sweden. I have hair, on my face. I love people. I love love. I love my daughter. I love laughter and I love really really sad music and coffee.

I shoot as many weddings as I can and every time I do, I go home with a high and I just want more.

I’m a wedding photographer. By addiction, habit and love.

Photo: Mathias Cederholm

Nisha Ravji

Hey there! I’m Nisha!

I am trying my best to be the best human I can be, I’m from New Zealand originally but now spend equal parts of the year between Germany and New Zealand.

I get to document peoples weddings for a living and I love it an insane amount. I feel pretty darn lucky to have my dream job before 30 but that’s the way it’s rolled! I want to give my couples the greatest experience possible and this is a major focus of how I run my business.?

When I’m not behind the camera I can be found eating, playing board games, exploring new places and finding new friends. I decided three years ago to pack up during the winter and head to the UK for summer and now I shoot weddings all year round between both hemispheres.

Photo: Sachin Khona

Tom Robak

Before I became a wedding photographer, I enjoyed many years in the IT and the sales industry. Now I am enjoying capturing photographs of people in love, and so happy I made the transition. This motivates me and makes me very happy earning a living that I am passionate about. The people I meet continually inspire me and I love how they welcome me into their lives for such an intimate occasion.

Additionally, I have a passion for web technology. Thanks to this passion, I am able to advise wedding photographers worldwide to evolve their branding, marketing and SEO. People can ask me absolutely anything, I know that building a strong wedding photography business is not just about images but offering a strong web presence.

Photo: Wojtek Chrapek

Erin Bishop

I stumbled into wedding planning while in college, and pursued it on the side while I worked a myriad of other jobs. I ended up leaving a pretty sweet one in the music industry to work in weddings full time, starting Filosophi Events in 2010.

There is just no other job that ends with your clients saying “I LOVE YOU” and “THIS IS THE BEST DAY THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE…EVER!!”. It’s all kinds of magic.

Filosophi has grown into one of the biggest firms in our hometown of Vancouver, BC, and we’ve won a gaggle of awards, have work published in all the places you want work published, from Grace Ormonde to Style Me Pretty and all that kind of stuff, but really my biggest achievement is a huge collection of humans that think I did something unforgettable in helping shape a day that perfectly celebrated their own unique brand of love.

I have had the absolute pleasure of working as the event planner on Way Up North since its inception, and can’t believe Cole and Jakob are letting me go off leash and onto the stage at long last – I promise to say lots of useful, hilarious and insightful things… I don’t promise not to pee my pants a little bit.

Photo: Desiree Leilani

Maciej Suwałowski

Long time ago in a galaxy far away, the Magic was born out of light. He travelled endless space to find his place amongst the wizards of light, magicians of moments, love catchers, or so called Wedding Photographers.

He has been studying ancient knowledge from Aliens to turn into a social media machine – setting up goals, achieving them and being happy and successful with finding right clients for his magic tricks with the tool called camera.

Photo: Bride or groom from a wedding

Björn Lexius

Ahoy! I’m Björn, a (wedding) photographer based in the seaport city Hamburg in Germany.

My journey with photography started when a friend handed me his old Canon 450D for a trip to London. By that time I worked as a graphics guy in advertising, but already lost my passion for graphics due to this job. A burnout syndrome helped me, leading me into a full time approach as a photographer.

As I grew up in the punk and hardcore punk scene I started shooting shows, documenting the energy exploding when people connect and their lungs scream out their anger or their positive will to make the world a better place. If it wasn’t for this music I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I’m an outspoken antifascist, feminist, vegan punk guy, close to his 40s. Besides that I love cycling, most of the time on one of my fixed gear/track bikes. I love a lot of things, to name a few: Anton Corbijn, Joy Division, my melancholic side, tattoos, AFI, animals, The Cure, my friends.

All of this doesn’t sound like the typical person you think of when thinking of a wedding photographer? Good, me neither. How I ended up shooting weddings? It happened and these days, with the clients we get, I love it.

Photo: Sergej Falk