The Costa Sisters

The Costa Sisters

The Costa Sisters seem to not give a shit what you think. Yet, they care more than anybody else you’re likely to meet. How does that work?

We’d venture to guess it has a lot to do with being engrained in their beliefs. Want to join their tribe? They’ll treat you like family. Not on board? They won’t try to sell you on it.

Don’t try to sell to the unsellable, as they say.

And that’s the gist we love with these two. They absolutely know 100% without hesitation what they do, why the do it, who it is for, and they go all-in on that. It might not be for everyone, and that’s totally fine. For those it is for, welcome to the family.

In Stockholm this October, here is what you can expect from these two when they hit the big stage.

Ticket Price Increase

Quick heads-up: tickets are €295 + VAT until the end of this month, then increase to €395 + VAT.

Presentation Title & Description

Hustle Hard / High Fucking Standards

Our talk is based around the importance of marketing your brand, how to hustle hard to attract your dream clients and maintain high fucking standards.

The goal is for you to leave our talk feeling like you’ve got this! with a fresh new take on how to fuck the rules + boss it your way!

We want to inspire you in new ways to help your badass business grow + for you to attract the right kinds of people for you.

We also cover:

– The experience we give each of our clients, from start to finish.

– Insights to our structure + media packs.

– How we make our couples feel like a million bucks, which ultimately leads to high energy during our shoots.

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