The Manifesto of Oli Sansom – Part 1

Oli Sansom

Oli Sansom thinks differently. We wonder what’s whirling around in that Aussie’s mind sometimes. We imagine it’s adventurous, and impossible to replicate (like his wedding photography – which you should be following at Briar Atlas).

Recently on Instagram, he’s unloaded that mind in the form of an Insta Story manifesto of sorts. As he made these shares, we had a hard time comprehending the brilliance of it all – it felt a bit overwhelming.

So we asked him about sharing the manifesto in bite-sized chunks on the blog, and thankfully he agreed! There are 100 ideas in total, and we’ll ease them out on the blog.

Take your time and read each one. You’ll be better for it!

Imagery + Words by Oli Sansom







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