Urban City Wedding – Tove + Anton

Urban City Wedding

Urban City Wedding

Nadja Endler is a Stockholm-based photographer and familiar face in the Way Up North community.

She seriously dropped the mic with this insane wedding. It’s one of the most stylish weddings we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the thing we love the most.

This wedding is a great example of a photographer being paired with a wedding that is completely on-brand. This looks like a wedding Nadja should be part of.

Scroll right to the end to catch one of the best, yet simplest, wedding portraits we’ve seen all year.

The Team

Florals: Något Gammalt, Något Nytt

Ceremony: Bio Capitol

Dinner and party venue: Färgfabriken

Tove’s Outfit

Shoes: Vêtements

Dress: Arket, which I had adjusted a little.

Sun glasses: Céline

Earrings: Danica Stamenic vintage

Hair and make: Sandra Svensson

Anton’s Outfit

Blazer and trousers: Ann Demeulemeester

Shirt: Adnym Atelier

Shoes: Guidi

Necklace: Werkstatt München

Earring: Line & Jo

Bracelet: Le Gramme

Words & Photos by Nadja Endler

The wedding was hosted in central Stockholm. Ceremony was held at a cinema, because why not? All guests sat comfortably in cinema chairs and behind the couple there was a video clip of beautiful ocean waves rolling on the big screen. A female choir stood on the cinema balcony singing during the couple’s entrance and exit.

Dinner and party was held at Färgfabriken just a bus ride away from the ceremony venue. Key characteristic for Färgfabriken is monumental pillars and a raw factory interior where it usually is hosted art exhibitions.

I had a strong feeling that this wedding would be something different from what I’m used to capturing after meeting them for coffee and listening to their ideas and setting for their day.

And when seeing their outfits on the big day – from Anton’s blazer and necklace to Tove’s makeup and bouquet – I felt like bringing out my inner fashion photographer (whom had never seen daylight before). I got very inspired by using Stockholm buildings and spots as backdrops together with Tove and Anton in front of the camera.

Solid Style

My most exciting visual moment of the day was when Tove and Anton showed up in their outfits, haha. I mean, I’ve never photographed a more stylish couple than them I think.

So every moment with them in front of the lens was visual excitement.

But also during dinner, when the sun set just outside, and all the guests and white walls of the hall where painted in that golden light.

Golden Hour Vibes

I also got that “ah-ha, I’ve got it!” when I asked them to sit down on a chair in a corner of this big white hall and just using the white space around them.

And then golden hour, of course.

I thought it was a different golden hour vibe when shooting it between brick walls instead of out in nature.

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