Video Editing for Photographers

Video Editing for Photographers

Video Editing for Photographers

Hosted by British, Greece-based filmmaker Marq Riley, this one-hour jump start is for photographers who are eager to get into creating films.

The motivation in making this webinar happen were to address the following key points:

Taking the anxiety out of starting a video project

Understanding the basics of a concise workflow to create a short or long-form video

Creating a visual narrative with a documentary approach

Marq has been working with the team at WUN behind the scenes for a few years now, so we know first hand how talented he is as a filmmaker. Over that time, we’ve learned what an eloquent teacher he is as well, so this felt like a webinar that was destined to happen.

Crud Sweden

The video content in the webinar was filmed by Remi from Maru Films, and the key focus was on the gloves which are made by Crud Sweden. Crud is a small business based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and they’ve been very supportive of the photography community in the north for a number of years.

Their accessories for outdoor enthusiasts are all incredible and, in particular for photographers, their gloves and camera straps are exceptional. So, check out Crud once the webinar is done and give them a follow on Instagram – they’re an amazing company!

Webinar & Result

Below is the full webinar by Marq, and the result. The reason we posted both is in the lesson, Marq will take the viewers through the process of editing a short piece of content for Crud, with the final result.

Thank you very much to Marq for hosting the webinar, and of course to the viewers who participated. Enjoy the show!

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