The whole is greater than the sum of its parts with the presenters, and collectively we aim for people who inspire action with their ideas.

The theme for Vienna is NO BAD DAYS. Each presenter will interpret that theme during their 45 minute presentation.

The WUNX presenters have an even greater challenge. Their presentations entail 10 slides shown for 1 minute each, 10 minutes total.

Ana & Pablo Laguia

We are destination wedding photographers based in Spain who have been working in the industry for over the 20 past years. We have worked in many sectors including fashion and documentary respectively but nothing motivates us more than a beautiful story and meeting beautiful people. And of course on top of that creating an incredible legacy for their most special day.

Joseph Radhik

When I graduated from business school in India, little did I know where life and love would take me! Today, I count my blessings every single time I go out to shoot – those blessings include a 20 member strong creative tribe we call Stories, memories of the most noted weddings this side of the globe in the past decade, and a few international awards. While we are known for chronicling the “great Indian wedding”, I find joy in the photographs we make of the ephemeral little things that make up the big days of our lives. And while our work has gone places – including the Jimmy Fallon show! – my greatest blessing is the sheer amount of fulfillment that being a wedding photographer gives me everyday I go to “work”.

Lisa Devlin

Hey, I’m Lisa Devlin – a photographer living on the south coast of England. For over 10 years I worked as a music industry photographer, shooting for record companies and magazines. Then when my agent got married waaaay back in 2000, I shot her wedding and decided that I would become a wedding photographer. I figured that I would only have to work one day a week and I would get paid a huge amount of money. I’m still aiming for that but in the meantime, I shoot modern weddings for relaxed couples plus I shoot editorials for bridal magazines and brands. My style is a bit left of centre, a bit emotional. When I wake up on a day that I’m shooting, I always think about how lucky I am to do this job, and then I think, Now Don’t F*ck It Up!

John Dolan

I am a photographer fascinated by the messy human drama of two families blending together on a wedding day. My career has been a blend of editorial, advertising and weddings. My clients are people who care about photography. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Ben Stiller, as well as many people in art and media, I see myself as a photographer at a wedding, rather than a traditional wedding photographer. I am a personal historian, documenting the event from an intimate point of view, almost like a guest with a really good camera. In 2021, I published The Perfect Imperfect, The Wedding Photographs of John Dolan, with Damiani Books.

Anna Gadalean

Hi, I am Anna. Photography is my outlet to inviting and bringing about a lasting beauty in this world.  Based in Barcelona Spain, I travel the globe to capture human connection and create unforgettable experiences with the couples. I am also the co-founder and art director for the EPHEMERAL content retreat for wedding photographers and a mentor.

Tasneem Alsultan

Investigative Writer/Photographer, Freelance, Middle East. Works for international media on hard news as well as long form features. Covering events for National Geographic and NYT, Tasneem’s wedding images have also been published in Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, Martha Stewart Weddings, and many international magazines. Selected as one of the 10 grantees of the Magnum Foundation/ Prince Clause/ AFAC grant in 2015, she began working on her project Saudi Tales of Love which was published in Time’s Lightbox, and later exhibited in Paris Photo, PhotoKathmandu, and among the slideshow at the prestigious Visa Pour L’Image, Perpignan in 2016. Tasneem was selected by British Journal Photography among the best 16 emerging photographers to watch, and PDN’s 30 photographers to watch in 2017. She is a finalist in the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards in Contemporary Issues. She soon joined Rawiya, the first all-female photography collective from the Middle East. In 2018 she joined the Canon Ambassador program as the program’s first Arab female photographer and was selected as as one of the 12 recipients of the Joop Master Class, part of the World Press Photo, Netherlands. In 2019, Tasneem was selected as a recipients of the Catchlight Fellowship to continue her work on Saudi women. She has also received honorable mention for the Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism. Having focused her research on anthropological studies of Saudi women, Tasneem holds a Master of Art in Social Linguistics from Portland State University and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Linguistics from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi.

Dalibora Bijelić

Hi, I’m Dalibora. Friends call me Daby, Dali, Dalibee. I’m born Croatian, but I have strong Czech roots on my mothers side. I always thought that good photography comes from the heart. From what and who you really are. I am in love with people who are not afraid to connect with me on a personal level and let me into their world. That way, my photography becomes authentic and true recording of a human story. I do not seek for perfection in my work. I seek for the real and the honest.

Aga Maru

Hi, I’m Aga. I like to overthink, but I’m happier when I choose to feel instead and I love darkness as much as I love light. I’m proud of some images I took but more than that I cherish the deep relationships that I’ve built. At home, I have a collection of rocks. They remind me of my favourite places and moments, just like my photographs. If you talk to me I’ll probably make you laugh or at least I will die trying. That’s what I also bring to my art, always trying to get people to feel something.

Our Host

Maciej Suwałowski

They call me Magic. I travelled endless space to finally find my place amongst the wizards of light, magician of moments, love catchers, or so called Wedding Photographers. I’ve studied ancient knowledge from aliens to turn myself into a social media/business machine – setting up goals, achieving them and being happy and successful with finding the right clients from my magic tricks with this funny thing called camera.

Our DJ

Michael Antonia

When I was a little kid I had 4 part time jobs and ran several small businesses to afford records. Things haven’t changed much. The Flashdance houses 6 companies and covers nearly every aspect of event production.

Katharina + Katharina

WUNX Presenter

KATHARINA + KATHARINA is a Design Studio run by Alissa Katharina + Maren Katharina. We are two social butterflies who share the same middle name – Katharina. Currently we are based in Stuttgart + Antwerp. As K+K we provide strategic concepts and visual communication for people who value aesthetics. Developing and maintaining a good relationship with our collaborators + project partners are the core tasks of our Studio since we create better together.

Marq Riley

WUNX Presenter

Hello, I’m Marq Riley, a European with a British passport. Since 2011 I’ve been shooting documentary wedding photography and videos around Greece and a few other places. The last few years I’ve been localising on our adopted island of Naxos, as well as breaking into the less lucrative field of film stills photography on movie and TV sets. Proud provider of WUN videos since 2017.

Anna Ascari

WUNX Presenter

I’m Anna and I’m the founder of a wedding photographers team named Hakuna Matata Weddings. I won the WUN award as Young Photographer of the Year 2021 in Copenhagen and I am one of the organizers of the Roadie Workshops in the Dolomites. I started shooting weddings when I was already in high school so I have been doing this job for almost 9 years. At the age of 19 I set up my own business and together with a colleague we created our own company. Now we have 15 people working for us. We are based in Modena, a small town in the north of Italy, and we shoot mostly in Italy and Europe but I am proud to say that I recently photographed my first wedding in America and from now on we are officially available worldwide.

Fabio Miglio

WUNX Presenter

Hi there, I’m Fabio, I live in Italy and I shoot people for living (but not in a bad way). But how can I really introduce myself in few lines? Well, simply I can’t! I can tell you one thing though, I’m a friendly and open person so, can’t wait to meet you in Vienna and we will know each other better.

Chris Denner

WUNX Presenter

I’ve been a photographer for 23 years, and I mostly shot fashion and music photography for the first ten or so years, but quickly grew bored of it. I found it really isn’t that creative, and that really isn’t that interesting to me as I`m all about the art of it. And the pop star Lily Allen once called me a wanker on a photoshoot because she was late and I was annoyed. And whilst I may be a wanker at times, I didn’t need to hear it from her. If it bores me, it gets deleted. Photography should be about passion and feeling – if I were a band – I would be AC/DC, The Beatles or the Ramones. So get ready for the best ten minutes of your lives – oddly enough that’s not the first time I’ve said that to someone.

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