5 minutes with — Rafal Bojar

Warsaw Wedding Photographer Rafal Bojar

Rafal Bojar  is a portrait & wedding photographer from Warsaw, Poland. We had his attention for 5 minutes to ask a few questions and find out more about his work.

Rafal Bojar

WUN: So, for those who don’t know you, who is Rafal Bojar?

Rafal: My name is Rafal. I’m 32 years old and live in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I have a beautiful wife and an awesome British cat. I travel a lot, both for weddings and in my free time.

WUN: So a lot of traveling…

Rafal: Yes, a lot of traveling. I worked as a flight attendant for seven years. So I’m used to it. Traveling was my everyday life.

WUN: So this is better, when you can travel to a job and shoot a session?

Rafal: Yes,I recently re-built my website aimed towards couples and people internationally. My goal is to work in different countries and shoot destination weddings and sessions.

WUN: So what is it that you like about traveling for work?

Rafal: I love to travel because my brain is working completely different in places where I get to experience something new. And I just love to meet people and see new places and see how they are different from me. I just love that kind of thing.

WUN: Such as cultural differences?

Rafal: Yes, yes, exactly. I discovered that every time I do this, I learn new things about people and how they work.

WUN: Do you feel that it inspires you more than just shooting in Poland?

Rafal: I’m sure it does. I don’t want to shoot weddings or sessions abroad only, of course, but that’s my priority right now. To get out of my comfort zone and just work as much as I can in different countries. It helps me to work even harder.

WUN: What is it that you’re looking for when you’re shooting?

Rafal: Right now I think what inspires me the most is people in general, the story of my couples. For me, it doesn’t make any sense to just take them into beautiful landscapes and take pictures. I believe their story is the most important thing to tell with my images.

For example, what I focus on is how their story began, what it is like now and the passion between them, their hobbies and life. I think it is important to, let’s say, jump into their bubble, into their small world and try to understand what their relationship is like, this connection between them.

WUN: So do you have any particular way to do that or…?

Rafal: Generally, before I’m going for a wedding or a photo session, I try to explain how I work to my couples. First of all, I need to spend at least two or three days just hanging out with them, talking about life and about them. Sometimes, I ask them to write something, like a letter about themselves, and I try to read those texts and just try to pick up some sentences or words which really help me during the session.

WUN: And do you always try to spend time with them like this, with all your clients?

Rafal: Always, always, always. That’s why I don’t shoot too many weddings per year. Generally I aim for a maximum of twenty weddings, that’s it. I’m not looking only for clients, I’m looking for people that I will know for life, It’s like building connection between them and me. I want them to treat me like a friend, like a really close person.

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