Way Up North 2020 Pre-Sale

Do You Trust Us?

You know us, right? We know you as well?

We’ve been doing this since 2015, and next spring will be the 10th edition of Way Up North.

So, we kinda know one another. With knowing one another, we’re then asking: Do you trust us?

April 21st + 22nd

And aside from the date, we’re not sharing anything else right now.

The location is set. The lineup is nearly complete.

The 10th edition will happen on April 21st and 22nd.

You’ll need to be sitting in the theatre in Stockholm on October 9th at about 16:52 to get all those details.

However, if you trust us, you can still purchase tickets at the lowest price possible.


It’s a lot to ask to blindly purchase a ticket to an event like this not knowing where it will be held or who will be there. We’re confident enough to do it though – we know you’re going to love this.

But out of fairness, one clue – it will be in a northern European city that is very easy to access. Alright – here’s another clue: You wanted this.

So if you trust us, tickets are available at the lowest price point they’ll be at. There won’t be any tricky Black Friday deals, no Holiday sales, no 2-for-1 deals, nothing. This is the lowest price, and here’s the breakdown:

Today – October 9th | 145€ + VAT

October 9th – October 13th | 195€ + VAT

October 14th – October 31st | 295€ + VAT

November 1st – January 12th | 395€ + VAT

January 12th – April 21st | 595€ + VAT

And one more thing.

Anyone who buys a ticket at this stage will be entered to win a full refund of their purchase. That’s the least we can do for those of you out there who trust us at this stage!

So get April 21st and 22nd in your calendar, and kick-start your season with a show in… a nice city in northern Europe. Tickets below to get started!

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