Way Up North Styled Shoot in Rome


At the Way Up North conference in Rome, Imagen teamed up with photographer and event speaker Rebecca Carpenter to host a styled photoshoot in the beautiful city of Rome. 

We invited photographers to document a couple and edit them using Imagen’s AI image editing app in an effort to celebrate each person’s unique style. Rebecca posed the couple throughout the shoot so that each person was photographing the same scene. Seeing the difference between each photographer’s shooting style and especially their personal editing profile in Imagen was a fascinating creative experiment.

What sets Imagen apart from other photo editing outsourcing is that it’s not doing the work for you – it is you. Imagen’s AI batching editing tool learned from the personal styles of all the photographers who participated in the photo shoot based on how they edit in Lightroom Classic, and it developed a unique editing profile tailor made just for each. Each photographer involved had already worked hard to establish their editing style. Imagen simply learns this style and compacts it into a simple batch image editing function.

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Here is a look into how each photographer describes their personal editing styles!

Rebecca Carpenter

“In 5 words! – Warm, Romantic, Classic, Editorial, Inspired”

Piotr Dynarski

My editing style in two words is warm and classic. My main aim when editing my photos is to keep the skin tones natural but still in-keeping with the warm colors I use. I like to have full dynamic range so as many details as possible showing in my highlights and shadows which I think helps to create more of a cinematic look.

Joséphine Elvis

I would describe my editing style as natural but vibrant. To maintain the natural look when there is mixed lighting, I will play with white balance and colour temperature to keep people’s skin tone as close to reality as possible.

Anna Ascari

My editing style changes a little according to the lighting situation and the atmosphere that each couple or place evokes. In this case with Suad and Phinepas, I wanted to emphasize the blue tones of the highlights but the warmth in the shadows to show the warmth of the sunrise but also the sense of ancientness on the streets of Rome

Serena Morandi

Skin tones are very important to me, I like to desaturate orange tones and increase the luminance. I like to have greens in my images but a little desaturated, so I decrease the saturation on the color yellow and play a bit with the hue of green. I always put grain in my photos because I love having a more filmic look and I also lower the clarity depending on each situation. I’m also a black and white lover – it has this timeless and poetic feeling and it removes any distraction of color helping the viewer focus on what’s happening in the photo.

Dan Chapman

I always like to add a warm, almost golden feel to my photos whilst trying to maintain as much of the natural colour as possible. I do feel like the style is timeless and is something I have developed from presets and adding in my own tweaks and signature to. Alongside this I also like to use a high contrast black & white edit to add a good variety of looks and style in my galleries!

Sandra Burström

My wish for when people see my edited images is for them to feel that they are looking at a fairytale – we all love to dream right? I want people to feel this sense of comfort as if they are getting a warm hug. This is why I love warm tones.

Evelyn Wallin 

I wanted to bring out the warmth of the sunrise but also the city of Rome in springtime. This sense of springtime comes through with a lowered contrast creating a softness to my edit. Although color saturation is fairly muted, I wanted to make sure I bought out the colors of the sky as it is ever changing during a sunrise. For me it’s important to add emotion to the photos, so I always play with cropping and vary between candid “moving” shots along with more posed ones.

Henrik Mee Løvgret

My style is full of contrast, colors, and warmth, because to me wedding photography is all about storytelling, and guiding the viewer’s eyes towards the story in the image. I try to emphasize what I see using light, shadows and colors, and I also crop the images if it helps emphasize the story in the image.

Hash Hart

I would describe my editing style as dark, moody and alternative with warm, golden brown tones. I always try to make my skin tones look creamy and glowy. It’s a good mix between looking romantic and dreamy while keeping the sense of fun that my shooting style consists heavily of.

Anna Gummesson

I see myself as leaning towards a more classic editing style, with warmth and colors quite true to life and more to the lighter side rather than dark and moody.

Arianna Fotografie

The tones I use are usually warm which in my eyes helps to bring out the emotions because the people in my images are usually full of warmth and fun. My highlights are muted and I like to desaturate the greens without losing the colour completely.

Chris Denner

This edit was all about the warmth for me. Colour is very important to me, and I really wanted to take the viewer onto that Roman street at 6.30am with me, so they could experience the light, the smell of the coffee and the sheer intimacy between this couple. Because the light was so magical, I wanted to keep the image low contrast, so it didn’t look too dark and heavy in the shadows, whilst retaining enough of a balance to give the picture some definition.

Sofia Beijer

I wanted the photos to have a very soft and warm touch, just like the feeling that I had in the moment.

Imagen is the first editing automation software that enables personalization at a scale. For photographers who don’t quite want to give up control in the digital darkroom to outsourced human editors, Imagen is the missing tool in their workflow they never fathomed could possibly exist. Imagen does the bulk of the heavy lifting, allowing photographers to focus more on what they love. Even during the busy season, and all the while utilizing their talent as individuals.

Through this styled shoot, we are able to fully celebrate the work that goes into developing a personal style and appreciate the beauty of how different every photographer is. When it comes to AI image editing in Imagen, the photographers are the real heroes. Imagen is just there helping them to flourish through game-changing technology. 

And if you’re already feeling excited about Imagen and how much life it can give back to you, you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for the launch of their upcoming time-saving tool: AI Culling.

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