Wedding in Wales by Angelica Braccini

Angelica Braccini is a familiar face within the Way Up North community, and this Italian photographer’s work speaks for itself.

This particular wedding from Wales caught our eye as it exemplified Angelica’s pure journalist view of the reality. The fluidity in the storytelling was beautiful, and we loved how the story transitioned through the day.

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Words and Images by Angelica Braccini

I was booked for this wedding a year earlier and I was really excited because it was my first job abroad, a real destination wedding.

I was ready to experiment with a new environment, a new light and a new approach to photography. My intent was to reveal real life and real emotions without interfering with the unfolding of events. I wanted to show England while I saw it through my lenses. I have tried to focus not only on people but also on the environment.

The day started early in the morning at the bride’s house, a typical family situation which was perfect for the journalistic vision I had in mind.

Setting The Scene

The day was hosted at Soughton Hall in Wales, a typical elegant British settings, a very impressive old mansion.

The entire day was very significant for me because the reality of a wedding in England is different from Italy but the most exceptional moments were during the night party.

They really had fun and I shot for hours in the middle of the dance floor trying not to fall or trip over broken glass, it has been one of the most exciting moment of my work.

Overcoming Challenges

I had some challenge moments during the day, as managing a completely different light from the one I’m used to working in can be tricky. In June in England it is not the best light to work with.

There are great contrasts and very bright lights. For me, who loves to work in color, it was quite difficult to have a job that was  chromatically uniform. The most critical moment was when the Vicar told me that in no way I could move from the back of the church and I would have to take the whole ceremony without flash and without being able to approach the altar.

And since in my journalistic style I mostly use a medium wide focal length, it was not easy to shoot a ceremony almost totally with the zoom.

In the past two years my photographic vision is aimed at a journalistic style, where truth and simplicity are the heart of content. What I  wanted to do was tell not only to shoot a wedding but tell the story of the country and its lifestyle as I had have experimented it.

This wedding can be described as the crazy and fantastic England reality.

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