Why Attend Roadie Workshop Iceland?

We know what you are thinking. Another Iceland wedding thing. Blah.

Here’s the thing. There’s a reason people continue going there.

Here’s 5 reasons to attend Roadie Workshop in Iceland.

1. Local Experts.

Cole Roberts, Styrmir Kári and Heiðdís are hosting Roadie Workshop.

Styrmir Kári and Heiðdís are a couple who live in Reykjavik and have photographed hundreds of weddings in Iceland.

Cole has been photographing weddings and elopements in Iceland since 2011.

The three of them know locations others don’t.

2. Small Group.

This workshop is small – 8 people max plus the two couples who we will photograph. The number one priority behind the workshop is for you to go home with a catalogue of fresh photos.

You can expect time alone with the couples, time in pairs, and time as a group.

No time constraints, insane locations, and your portfolio as our priority.

3. Business Brainstorming.

Loads of photography. Plenty of locations. What about the in-between time?

That is when the focus turns to you.

Group brainstorming sessions open the floor to discussion, leaving you with actionable ideas.

4. Adventure.

Roadie will evoke emotions. At times you will feel anxious (“Are we driving through that?”). Other times overwhelmed (“Is it necessary to wake up that early?”).

We go hard. This style of working is not for everyone, we know that.

If you sign up for Roadie, prepare for two intense days and plenty of rest afterwards.

5. Community.

Let’s face it – two intense days await if you attend this workshop. The best part? Experiencing it with others and leaving with that connection.

Roadie will ease you out of your comfort zone.

Experiencing that together will plant the seeds for a lasting relationship.

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