Let’s go: Community top picks #7

For some, the season has been going for a while, for some perhaps it is winding down.

But for most people, at least in the northern hemisphere, the season is now really taking off and going into full swing.

For some weird reason, it feels both familiar and new each year. You got to stay focused on the people in front of you. Think ahead and use what you see to create something beyond a point and click. And while this may be your third wedding or your threehundred and third, that process never change. Yet for every wedding, you expand the toolbox of possibilities, you get a little bit better to handle the unknown variables of a wedding.

And that is, of course, the difficult part. To not get complacent. To stay on your toes and keep listening between the lines. To see that shot that is looked over by other people. To see the relationship between the bride and her father, or the love between two people.

Bring inspiration, vision and technique with you. But above else – Listen to the sound of that which can not be heard.

//Mathias Cederholm, Way Up North Community Editor.

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 Photo by: Lynn Lewis  | Instagram: @lynnxlewis

Photo by: Redijus Anikanovas | Instagram: @redijusphotography

Photo by: Frøydis Geithus  | Instagram: @froydisgeithusphotography

Photo by: Melia Lucida | Instagram: @melialucida

Photo by: Jessica Perez | Instagram: @whoajess

Photo by: Kristín María Stefánsdóttir | Instagram: @kristinmarias

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