EST 2015

What is Way Up North?

Way Up North, or WUN for short, started in 2015 as an event for wedding photographers in Sweden. Since then, WUN has brought together wedding photographers twice a year – in the spring and fall – across Europe for days of presentations, photography, and community building.
the format

What Happens at WUN?

At WUN, we have presentations throughout the day in a single theater room. Presenters share their unique take on the event theme, and between presentations, we have social activities, meet with sponsors, and explore the host city.
the familjen

Who Attends WUN?

Our community is made up of people from all experience levels, united by a love of weddings. Photographers make up the majority, but we also welcome filmmakers, planners, florists, and all creatives involved in weddings.

A Unique Approach

We take a bold approach to each event. We often sell tickets without revealing the location or presenters, sometimes only sharing the date. This trust is rewarded when the event sells out quickly, and we surprise attendees by revealing the location just before the event ends. And as the event approaches, we gradually release the lineup, building anticipation and excitement.