Past Events

  • Way Up North Florence

    Florence 2024

    May 7+8
    "YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW YOU" was the theme for Way Up North Florence. Presenters explored their personal creative journeys, challenging assumptions, and embracing fresh perspectives, inviting attendees into a profound exploration of artistic transformation and inspiration.
  • Berlin 2023

    October 17+18
    When everyone was zigging, what was your zag? The theme for Berlin was ZAG, inspired by Marty Neimeier's book of the same title. Each presenter's task was to interpret zag and answer the question, 'What's your zag?' which connected with points of differentiation in their journey.
  • Prague 2023

    May 9+10
    This theme came from the phrase What Got You Here Won't Get You There. Oftentimes, presenters shared their history and an overview of their achievements. It was a natural way to present and important. In Prague, we flipped the script and wanted to learn how presenters were forging ahead. Forward-focused presentations were given, revealing what they were working towards and how they planned to get there.

    Vienna 2022

    October 11+12
    The theme for the show in Vienna 2022 was "NO BAD DAYS", a rallying cry for creatives to shake off self-doubt and embrace the power of positivity. Presenters shared their stories of overcoming obstacles and finding inspiration in the darkest of times, inspiring attendees to reframe their own challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Way Up North Rome

    Rome 2022

    May 3+4
    The theme for the show in Rome 2022 was "LA DOLCE VITA", a celebration of the sweet life and the beauty of slowing down. Presenters shared their own stories of finding joy and fulfilment in the everyday moments, inspiring attendees to cultivate a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the simple things in life.
  • Way Up North Copenhagen

    Copenhagen 2021

    November 23+24
    The theme for Way Up North Copenhagen was Clean Slate, a concept that embodied the freedom to start anew. Presenters interpreted this idea in their own unique way, sharing their perspectives on how to break free from constraints and forge a fresh path forward. We designed this theme with two groups in mind: those just starting their journey, seeking guidance on how to begin, and those with experience, looking to reboot and refocus. Regardless of where you stood, we believed that over the two days, you would gain the inspiration and motivation needed to tackle your next steps.