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Canon first partnered with Way Up North back in Rome in 2022 and has been the event's Platinum Sponsor ever since. Throughout the partnership, Canon has provided opportunities for Way Up North guests to use their assortment of equipment at the events, including styled shoots arranged by Canon. From Vienna to Prague, Rome to Berlin, Florence and now Lisbon, Canon has solidified itself as a partner the Way Up North community looks to for the highest level of professionalism and inspiring gear.


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    Wooden Banana

    Wooden Banana has been a loyal sponsor and partner of Way Up North since our first event in Stockholm in 2015. Back then, they only sold one product: wooden boxes. Fast forward to today, and they’ve grown exponentially, offering everything from albums to packaging, all-inclusive services to prints. Their approach is straightforward: grow your business naturally, and have a bit of fun along the way. You might have even experienced that fun firsthand at the legendary Wooden Banana Party, which has become a beloved tradition to cap off each Way Up North event.

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    Imagen is an AI-powered post-production solution that streamlines your workflow, learning your personal style and saving you time. From culling to editing, Imagen is the fastest way to edit photos. But what sets them apart is the team behind the technology – a powerhouse of professionals who have been an integral part of the Way Up North community since partnering with us in 2021 at our event in Copenhagen.

  • Pic-Time


    Pic-Time is a platform that offers a stunning online gallery space, presented with an impeccable design aesthetic. Their mission is inspiring and straightforward: to empower photographers to make the most of their art and provide them with the best tools to grow. Pic-Time has been a loyal sponsor of Way Up North since our event in Cologne in 2018. Their team brings a team-first and positive energy to every Way Up North show, and they consistently inspire the community with events like the Pic-Time Storytelling Evening, which originated in Vienna in 2022.


  • euhost


    At Way Up North, we’re grateful for the support of our trusted website host, euhost. As a photographer, you know how important it is to have a website that showcases your stunning work. That’s where euhost comes in – they specialize in hosting WordPress websites, ensuring your online presence is always up and running smoothly. But what really sets them apart is their exceptional customer service. Whether you’re experiencing a technical issue at 6:00 AM on a Sunday morning, euhost is always available to help. Their behind-the-scenes genius and dedication to customer satisfaction make them an invaluable partner for us, and we’re excited to collaborate with them to bring you the best possible experience.

  • Eyeda Design

    Eyeda Design

    We’ve proudly worked with Eyeda Design since Berlin in 2023, and they even designed our shiny new website. As a one-stop-shop boutique design agency, Eyeda works with a variety of creatives, including wedding photographers. Their services include logo design and branding, as well as website design and development, helping to bring your design needs as a wedding creative to life.

  • Supporter


    Roadie was born from a wild idea: renting Land Rover Defenders in Iceland and going 4×4’ing with photographers. Since then, we’ve hosted over 200 photographers across Europe, offering portfolio-building adventures with exciting stories. Our secret ingredient? Embracing spontaneity. Join us for a wild ride if you’re after a jolt of adventure in your portfolio!

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