Brinson + Banks

We first met in a photojournalism class in college, so we fell in love with storytelling at the same time. We didn’t fall in love with each other until 2 years later. We love light, we love hearing people’s stories, we love traveling and learning new things, we love collaborating, we love showing people a new way of seeing. These are all the gifts photography has brought us and we are so grateful we get to create, together, for a living.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Work That Pays the Soul.

We’ve been blessed to pay the bills by taking/making photos for more than 10 years now (whoa!) and of course we love what we do, but paying the bills doesn’t always pay the soul. We’re going to share the work we do that teaches us about the world, that we lay in bed thinking about at night, that keeps us passionate and excited about photography. And share how that passion-work translates into paying-work.

Photo Credit: Matt Eich

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