Danelle Bohane


Wedding Photographer

I consider myself a sensitive soul. I am often intrigued that my sensitivity is such a strength and yet at times my greatest weakness. My reaction to stark light, overbearing scents in a confined space or a T.V blaring in the background of a home that is meant to be a haven, a sensory overload. In contrast, when I am immersed in the beauty of nature my soul is restored, sitting in the corner of a dimly lit bar on a rainy evening with my husband spirit energised, or perhaps nuzzling into my wee son’s neck breathing in the essence of him, it is these moments that make my heart feel alive and deeply present to the beauty in that moment. These experiences no matter how fleeting have taught me to embrace my sensitivity and allow it to flow into the many facets of my life including my photography. It is this deep knowing that has shaped my work and allows me to document the most intimate, profoundly beautiful and deeply moving moments that can sometimes go unnoticed. It is the essence, the very core of the imagery that I create.