Emilie White

I started in my teenage years and a camera has never left my side since. After working a few years as an intellectual property lawyer, I’ve now been a full time photographer for 6 years. For me, it’s more than just taking photos, it’s about soulful human interaction, searching for those perfectly imperfect moments of life and creating strong portraits that will hopefully still be valued in 50 years from now. But my aim is also to bring a sense of timeless beauty and a touch of ethereal romance to it all.

PRESENTATION TITLE: See the ordinary.

We all love working in perfect aesthetic and magical locations, but the challenge of creating beautiful imagery in ordinary locations, uninspiring moments or emotions can actually push your creativity further. My talk will focus on how we can learn to see extraordinary in the ordinary, finding a photographic style to achieve this and the value of creating imagery that will grow more extraordinary to people as time passes.

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