Joshua D’hondt

I am a wedding and family photographer from Antwerp, Belgium. I am driven by a deep human curiosity, always on the lookout for genuine emotion and connection as well as seemingly random elements coming together. My goal is to create memories. To make simple, timeless, and sometimes moody images that capture and preserve essential pieces of her subjects’ personality. Memories that can be shared for generations to come.


I will share my detailed thought process when I walk into a new situation: how and where do I get started.
* How to prepare and manage expectations – your own and your clients.
* Analyze a space for good light and clean backgrounds.
* Find compositional and contextual potential.
* How to create ‘out of the ordinary’ images in a normal home.

We’ll talk about a lot of rules, so you can choose to break them after!

Photo: Nele Watty

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