Kara Mercer

Hello, I’m Kara! My friends call me Kare-Bear. I am a wedding & commercial photographer plus art director living in Seattle, WA. I specialize in developing content for fashion, travel, and lifestyle brands. Most known for my usage in light, I love to create strong concepts and storylines utilizing techniques I have learned over 12 years of holding a camera.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Saying yes to what scares the Bejesus out of you!!!

Opportunity knocks and we have the option to say YES or NO everyday. So much of the time, we shy away from the very thing that will further our careers and create pivotal personal growth by simply saying NO. Obstacles can be many things, but most of the time it’s YOU in your own way. Simple shifts in perspective can reshape your entire business.

I am a strong believer of growth from the inside out. I’ll give you tangible ways I changed my business, as well as shifted into the commercial photography world. My hope is that you walk away from this presentation inspired to re-route your way of thinking and current business strategies.

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