Kirk Mastin

I’m the founder of Mastin Labs and Filmborn. I’ve shot for The New York Times, LA Times, and National Geographic Adventure. I’m considered the founder of the ‘hybrid’ photography movement, shooting both digital and film for every assignment. I’ve been shooting hybrid weddings for over 15 years, but now focus on long term photography projects.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Your Business is a Bonsai Tree: Success Through Less.

I will teach you how to transform your business and reveal your voice through practical step by step methods that you can start on immediately. These steps increased my average profit from $3,000 to $8,000 per wedding while shooting ⅓ less clients. You will start choosing the clients YOU want to work with, make twice as much as before, and be treated with respect like a true artist. And it all starts with removing things are are hurting your business everyday without you realizing it.

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