Nirit Gut-Karby

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Between Art and Business

Presentation Description

It’s a story about a romantic artist that was trapped in the digital business world – who learned a few things along this journey. She is happy today, and found her way in connecting the two worlds with meaning and value. It’s my story and your story, it’s the story of connecting spirit and earth, Business and Art.

About Nirit

I will forever introduce myself as a photographer even though most of my time is dedicated to Pic-Time, the company I founded with my partner and husband, Amir. Nothing at the start of my career as a social worker prepared me for the change I made to the photography and art world, let alone to one day lead a software company. Today, when I’m fully there, I see my mission in creating a digital space that gives the best stage to a photographer’s work, and an opportunity for growth and value. I’m here to make an impact through visual experience and human connection.

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