We Are The Parsons

Kansas City
United States

Wedding Photographers

We’ve been married for fifteen years and telling wedding stories for a living for ten. This not only means we’re old enough to remember MC Hammer, slap bracelets, and POG’s. It also means we’ve lived enough life to know that our wedding day was just the first page of a much larger story – our marriage.

Marriage is a wild and wonderful ride and your wedding day is where it starts. These images will be the first heirlooms you have as you set out on this life together. They will be the photos your kids look at, the ones you go to when you’ve had a massive fight and need to keep the faith, and they will comfort you when you keep the vow “till death do us part..”

Knowing this, we always seek to make images that will be meaningful and tell the truth of who you and your loved ones were long after today’s wedding fads expire. This is the first page of your story. Your loved ones are the people who have brought you here. We believe we were made to tell it and we are certain you’re going to love these.

Let’s go!

Jeremy & Ash Parsons