Fall 2024

395.00 +VAT

Way Up North is a gathering for wedding creatives, held biannually since 2015. We’re excited to announce that our 16th event this fall will take place in Lisbon.

Our unique approach has always been to unveil the event location at the conclusion of the previous gathering. Now that we’re heading to Lisbon, a city highly desired by many, we encourage securing your ticket promptly. This event promises to be more intimate than previous ones, which have quickly sold out.

Join us in Lisbon for an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with fellow wedding creatives.

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October 22nd + 23rd, 2024


Lisbon, Portugal at Teatro Villaret.

Who Are The Presenters?

The presenters will start to be announced in Summer 2024.

Ticket Prices

€395 + VAT

What is Way Up North?

Way Up North (WUN) is a gathering tailored for passionate wedding photographers and filmmakers. Since 2015, WUN has left its mark 15 times across Europe, fostering a lively community. At its core, the event showcases dedicated presenters who share their expertise over two days of engaging presentations. In the midst of these enlightening talks, attendees connect, celebrate, and capture moments, fostering an inclusive atmosphere. WUN embraces individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels, welcoming anyone with an open mind and a passion for their craft.

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