Jeff Chang


Wedding Photographer

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be “sunshine.” I thrive on positivity, humour, and yes, actual sunlight fuels me! I’m an extrovert through and through, loving nothing more than socialising, making people laugh, and being a helping hand. Whether it’s camera advice, travel tips, EV recommendations, or finding the best sushi, I’m your go-to. My passion for my interests is boundless. I savor my morning ritual of making pour-over coffee and don’t mind indulging in an afternoon Nespresso. As for my cocktail-making skills, they’re top-notch, though patience is required for my meticulously crafted drinks. Travel is my lifeblood, having explored everything from Iceland’s waterfalls to Bali’s rice fields, Parisian beef tartar, and magical days in Disneyland. I live by “10% or 100%” – always opting for 100%, which translates into running our business, supporting side hustles, or hosting dinner parties (like our unforgettable prohibition cocktail evening). Being a steadfast support in life’s adventure is what I do best.