Ross Harvey

United Kingdom

Wedding Photographer

There's a chance you don't realise how powerful you are. I'm not talking about muscles—being able to lift heavy things is limited usefulness for most people—rather the inherent ability that awaits within your mind. Abilities that, if left unchecked, can actually manifest negatively in your life.

The mind is like a car, it has a forward or backward motion to it. Progressive or recessive. Joyful or fearing. Most of us sit in the passenger seat of our minds with no one steering in a specific direction. Not good, as that means the autopilot mode takes control, which is programmed in us by our parents, peers and culture. Usually the worst bits, unfortunately.

The good news is that our minds—as I started this introduction with—are delightfully powerful.

I've spent nearly two decades researching creativity, consciousness, physics (both classical and quantum), biology, neurology and psychology with regards to maximising the mind for fulfilment and creative expression. It's worked; numerous awards/accolades and a joyful life spent shooting and teaching around the world.

I'm here for one reason, and one reason only. To pass everything I've learnt on to you. It's incredible, life changing stuff. Bring an open mind, and perhaps a bottle of gin. The best chats are always with a refreshing G&T.