Sandra Åberg

I’m very passionate about capturing beauty or creating it. Some people say I see the world in pastel colours and it is not far off – I tend to focus on the positive and I’m a big dreamer!

Taking pictures is something I have always done and my grandfather was a photographer too. I started out in the fashion industry and lived in Milan then moved more into portraits and then later on after my own wedding – wedding photography and I love when I’m able to combine my fashion angle with wedding photography to create something unique and magical for my clients.

I believe in LOVE and Magic in this world of crazy – I believe in real honest relations and I believe in living a life in FLOW.

My true environment is with my hands in the sand in the sun listening to the waves or old school hip hop tunes. I love nature and rarely shoot inside simply because I’m inspired by the environment and believe the setting is as important as the story of the people I photograph – I think the two melt together as one and create perfection.

Photo: Julie Livingstone

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