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  • A European wedding photography event that delivers relevant insights from around the world.
  • Two Mann Studios

    We are Erika and Lanny from Canada. Together, we live, love, teach, and photograph all over the world.

  • Zack Arias

    Zack Arias is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. His specialty is niched in press and publicity photography for the music and television industries. His clients include HGTV, Land Rover, Business Week, The Coca-Cola Company, TIME, The Smithsonian, VICE, and Sony Music.

  • A Wild Escape

    We are Gina and Chris, a wedding photography duo based in Cologne, Germany, telling love stories and wedding tales for wild couples.

  • Samm Blake

    I am a New York based wedding photographer and with over 15 years experience, I’ve documented celebrations across the globe, from Japan to Indonesia, the UK to the UAE and beyond.

  • Kirk Mastin

    I’m the founder of Mastin Labs and Filmborn. I’ve photographed weddings for over 15 years, and I’m considered the founder of ‘hybrid’ photography movement, shooting both digital and film.

  • Maciej Suwałowski

    They call me Magic. I come from outer space. I come in peace.

  • Jen Huang

    I am an impressionist lifestyle photographer who shoots weddings and portraits in natural light on medium format film. My work is most often described as light-filled, painterly, fresh and effortlessly romantic.

  • Brinson + Banks

    We are Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks. We both worked as professional photographers for years before we decided to merge forces and create as a team. We specialize in jokes, portraiture and lifestyle photography, but started as photojournalists.

  • Carmen and Ingo Leitner

    We are Carmen and Ingo, Austria based destination wedding photographers and entrepreneurs. In 2006 we have shot our very first wedding together. Every since then we are working hard to live our dream.

  • Alicia Swedenborg

    Adventurous and spontaneous hustler. Whimsical energy, frequent crier and chocolate addict. List maker, people person & naive no limitations big dreamer. Off the beaten track traveler. Clumsy, yogi, foodie, snuggler. I’m quiet incoherent.

  • Jai Long

    Coming from a humble background, this has pushed me to explore all possibilities and has encouraged me to take risks in any opportunities that have come my way. I feel this has been a huge advantage navigating a way to make dreams a reality. This creative approach to business and life is something that I am very passionate about and love to share with the world.

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Presented in the modern Italia – A contemporary theatre in the heart of Rome.

Presented in the historic Astor Film Lounge. A art deco-influenced cinema in the heart of Cologne

The atmospheric theatre, with its leather seats, cocktail bar and state-of-the-art technology is the perfect setting for the sixth Way Up North event.

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