Frøydis Geithus

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Embrace the unknown

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How can you stand out if you always try to blend in? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my years in photography, it is that I must trust my own path. To be brave enough to fail. Over and over again. “Acta non verba” (deeds, not words). And be your own mirror. We tend to be reflections of who people tell us we are. Start breaking the rules, and allow yourself to live your full potential, both as a photographer and a human being. I believe that we’re all creative creatures, but did you know that there is an increasing amount of scientific evidence that proves art enhances brain function?

About Frøydis

I leave a piece of myself in every picture I take, and I never get tired of capturing and documenting people’s love stories. Still every year I’m cutting down the number of weddings I shoot. The older I get, the more I realize how limited our time on this crazy planet is, and I want to spend time with the people I love, and I have all these places to see. But I’m very much passionate about shooting, and I’m a hopeless romantic, so I keep soaking in weddings around the world. I don’t know where I will be a few years from now, but I do know that I’ll be somewhere close to the water. I grew up by, and always need to be near the water. Also I have a mission. To make people braver and go inwards. Scary shit, but the only place you’ll ever find and create the real magic, is inside yourself.

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