Rosie Hardy

I got into self-expression (with my chosen medium as photography) as a teenager – and birthed my own career by accidentally boarding the social media train when it first left the station. Photography is my therapy, my hobby, my connection to others and my livelihood – and it hasn’t been the easiest to balance all that! I like to think I work with principles that mean my clients think of me as a person, instead of a business, and that you can still create art and earn a good living in an ever-more commercial world.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Turning Your Struggle Into Your Strength

My presentation deals with overcoming the emotional, physical and financial hurdles we all face on our path to a fulfilled photography career. When does selling your service become selling your soul? Achieving a healthy work/life balance, and turning the roadblocks you hit into the very things that pave the way through your journey.

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