We are Bonjo and Govinda and we co-founded a Wedding Photography Company based in Bali called Terralogical. What made us connected in the beginning was our passion in capturing human connections and emotions, and since we were both young teenagers back then, we were ruthless, stubborn and fearless on trying new unseen things in wedding photography, especially in our hometown of Bali.


To begin with, when we started this journey during our teenage years, we had different ideas of success. Yet we had the same dream, to see the world beyond our tiny Bali island. We are fueled by curiosity of the world beyond us yet in the end after visiting many different countries in the world around us and how it inspires us even more in our work. and as far as wedding goes, we see it as a playground where we can channel our inner creativity and a touch of our idealism. We are also attracted to the authenticity of unsuspecting moments, quiet glances, unpretentious connections. Now approaching our first decade of being in the wedding industry, we have learnt to hold true to the values of curiosity and authenticity in the way we give ourselves to each other as a team, and to our couples.

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