Zack Arias

I’ve been pursuing photography as a career for twenty years and it’s been a hell of a trip thus far. I have risen and I have fallen a number of times and I truly feel that I have finally reached base camp. On a clear day I can see my goal. On the not so clear days I’m still climbing. Still pushing. I’m pushing myself and my subjects and my craft.


Faced with growing stress and depression, he just kept his head down and kept working but he hated his photography. He came across a Chuck Close quote that he had read and talked about many times and for the first time it really struck him personally: “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just get to work.”

Zack stopped moaning and complaining and “got to work” and began shooting some of his best work to date. In this session Zack will talk about what led up to this rut and the steps he took to get out of it, as well as share the technical information about the images he’s now making.

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