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Digital Analogue

Let’s imagine a future where presets give way to nailing photos in camera, where in-camera simulations reign supreme. Instead of investing heavy efforts into editing, in-camera photos are enough. It’s an intriguing thought experiment. Picture this: you photograph a wedding and afterwards, either cull one round or simply give all the JPEGs over. Would you do it?

Whether you would or not, we’re hosting a workshop in Bratislava on August 27th, 2024 where the focus is on nailing it in camera. Drilling down further, camera simulations where JPEGs become your best friend.

Wedding Photography Workshop in Bratislava

While the theme of JPEGs will be woven throughout the day, this is ultimately a wedding workshop. As such, we’ll be photographing couples in wedding attire in various scenarios throughout the day. If you’re not particularly interested in JPEG settings, but want to enhance your portfolio with stunning scenes from Bratislava, this workshop is still perfect for you.

Why Bratislava

Over the years with Way Up North, we’ve gained a pulse on what you want. After hosting the show in Prague, we heard your whispers about wanting an event in Bratislava. So, fast-forward to August 27th, and we have our first foray to Slovakia.


If you’ve attended Way Up North, you’ve seen Ondrej Rychnavský on stage and at the parties DJ’ing. Alongside his partner Adriana Mižigárová, they’ve become the faces you see in the theatres.

Here’s what you might not know – they’re from Bratislava. And more relevant to this workshop, Ondrej is a remarkable talent with a passion for portraits. An accomplished wedding and portrait photographer, his skills have led him down many paths, one being the expertise of in-camera film simulations.

Alongside Ondrej will be Cole Roberts, who shares Ondrej’s passion for JPEGs. Together, they’ll steer the ship in Bratislava for the workshop.

Ondrej Rychnavský

Ondrej Rychnavský

Prague, Czech Republic

Ondrej Rychnavský, also known as “ryon”, is a full-time freelance photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. His work revolves heavily around portraiture, with a focus on blending commercial projects and weddings.

Cole Roberts

Cole Roberts

Gävle, Sweden

Cole is the founder of Way Up North, Kolla, and Nordica, and has been a Fujifilm X-Photographer since 2016. Based in Gävle, Sweden, he shares his life with his family and often finds himself daydreaming of escaping to his cabin, surrounded by nature, where he can indulge in his love of chopping wood and country music.


During the day, we will photograph three different times. Morning and later afternoon will be spent outdoors exploring Bratislava’s exciting architecture. Midday, we will use the stunning natural light in Studio Klinec. Three sessions, three settings, one power-packed day. Please note that while our focus is on JPEG settings and the digital analogue idea, we welcome anyone who is interested in building an exciting portfolio in Bratislava, regardless of their interest in JPEG settings.

Additional Info & Tickets

Please note that seats for this workshop will be limited to 10, making it an intimate and exclusive experience. For additional information and to secure your spot, please visit the link below.

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