Nordic Gathering at Fotografiska in Stockholm


As we say in Swedish, “Välkommen” means “welcome”, and that’s exactly how we want to make you feel on September 18th at Fotografiska in Stockholm. We’re excited to host a one-day workshop in English, designed to deliver actionable takeaways and leave the fluff behind. Our goal is to create a valuable experience for every guest in the room.

While the day will feature five workshops packed into a single afternoon, this event is also an opportunity for our Swedish and Nordic community members to connect and catch up. It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to gather as a community, and we’re thrilled to bring everyone together again. Plus, September is a magical time in our beloved home city of Stockholm, making it the perfect setting for a special day of learning and connection.

Format & Host

The day will take place in the Salongen room at Fotografiska from 08:00 to 17:00. Maria Broström, a beloved member of the WUN Familjen, will be our host for the day.

The day will consist of five one-hour workshops, each with a distinct focus on practical topics. Unlike traditional conferences, we’ve designed the workshops to be conversational and interactive, with a focus on discussion and collaboration. The intimate setting of the Salongen room is designed to facilitate a sense of community and connection among attendees.

Photo Credit – Linda-Pauline Arousell

The Workshops

Aga Maru

Cash In on Your Craft

You’ve done the hard work – the couple found you in the sea of photographers, they booked you amongst the competition, and you’ve nailed the wedding, shoot or session. Now it’s time to monetise your masterpiece. Learn how to maximise sales and revenue from each photoshoot with proven strategies and innovative tools from Pic-Time.

Mark Pacura

Clients remember how they feel at the end, not the beginning

Not getting the reach you want? Uninterested in social media or blogging? Word of mouth remains the most reliable marketing tool, unaffected by algorithms. Want to grow your business organically? Focus on nurturing your existing clients rather than solely seeking new ones. Use tangible products to turn your clients into ambassadors and boost your yearly profit by 30%.

Angela Shae

Instagram Reels Made Easy

Reels don’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. Learn to create reels in minutes, streamline your social media workflow, learn to capture better bts content and connect with your dream clients through Instagram reels. We will cover how to use Instagram’s native features, understanding what type of reels bring in paying clients, and how to make reels a part of your workflow so you can stay consistent with social media.

Chris Denner

Being unapologetically yourself

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Fads and trends emerge and then wilt away, and as a creative, it can be confusing to connect with your genuine self. I’ll be discussing how, as a forty-something punk rocker with throat tattoos, I connect with my dream clients and shoot authentic imagery that mirrors my needs as a creative. I’ll be discussing my individual self-initiated art projects, my musical career, and wedding ethos, and it will be a deep dive into my mindset, creative output, and marketing methods. And it will be funny. Or maybe it won’t. Show up and find out.

Maciej Suwałowski

Flash Baby!

You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the eye, but are you getting the most out of your flash? Join Maciej Suwałowski for a 45-60 minute in-depth presentation where he’ll reveal three game-changing flash techniques to take your wedding photography to the next level. Bounce Flash: Learn how to harness the power of walls and ceilings to create soft, natural light that will leave your clients in awe. Flash in Da Hand: Discover the flexibility and creativity of handheld flash to dynamically light your subjects in any setting. Flash in Da Face: Master the art of direct flash to capture bold, striking images that will make your clients’ hearts skip a beat.


Days like this do not present themselves often. Fotografiska is a remarkable venue – it’s the home of photography in the Nordics – and the setting itself is quite special. Even more so using Salongen, one of the new stylish rooms at Fotografiska.

On top of this setting is the content. The five talented workshop hosts for the day were asked to take part because of their experience and matter-of-fact wisdom. You will learn a lot at this workshop, all for a very modest price tag.

So get a taste of Stockholm in your calendar this September! Come discover what a Fika is! And more importantly, enjoy a day where you absolutely, 100% will go home with practical takeaways.

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