Muralla Roja Photography Workshop

Muralla Roja Wedding Workshop

Located in Calp, Spain, about 45 minutes north of Alicante, Muralla Roja is an architectural masterpiece that will overwhelm and inspire you. Its vibrant colours and bold design make it a visual feast. This October 16th, we’re bringing this extraordinary location to life with a one-day workshop, where wedding photographers can inject a bold and colourful boost into their portfolios.

Why Muralla Roja

We’ve been fascinated by the idea of hosting a workshop at Muralla Roja for some time. After conducting thorough research, we discovered that it’s not possible to simply show up and shoot at this remarkable location without a permit, especially for wedding photography. However, we’ve successfully navigated the process of hosting a workshop there, and now we’re excited to share this experience with others.

The idea of pairing flowing white wedding dresses with Muralla Roja’s vibrant colours and unique architecture seems almost like a fairytale. But now, this dream is becoming a reality, and we’re thrilled to welcome 10 lucky guests to join us for an unforgettable day.


Spend the day exploring the wonders of Muralla Roja with us, capturing stunning images with a couple in wedding attire. We’ll be on-site from morning to afternoon, working together as a team to create an abundance of photographs for your portfolio.

After our time at Muralla Roja comes to a close, we’ll head to the beautiful beaches of Calp for a sunset session. Imagine capturing breathtaking images of one couple in wedding attire at two stunning locations: the magic of Muralla Roja and the charming beaches of Calp.


Hosted by Cole Roberts, with a few surprise guest hosts to be announced later, this one-day wedding photography workshop will elevate your portfolio and leave you amazed by what can be achieved in just one day, in this surreal location.

With a focus on detail and a relaxed atmosphere, we’ll be a small group of 10 guests, and the aim is to explore as many nooks and crannies Muralla Roja has to offer. Because this opportunity is so rare and remarkable, our hosts are there simply to guide you throughout the day, so that no remarkable spot is missed.

Cole Roberts

Cole Roberts

Gävle, Sweden

Cole is the founder of Way Up North, Kolla, and Nordica, and has been a Fujifilm X-Photographer since 2016. Based in Gävle, Sweden, he shares his life with his family and often finds himself daydreaming of escaping to his cabin, surrounded by nature, where he can indulge in his love of chopping wood and country music.


Guests are responsible for their own transportation to Calp, Spain. Additionally, guests are responsible for their own accommodations in Calp. We will connect the group to recommend a common hotel option. We recommend arriving on October 15th and departing on October 17th. No plans are scheduled for October 17th, so it’s a travel day.

Please note: We will not be staying at Muralla Roja. So, if your mind is wandering a bit about staying there on the 15th, please let that idea drift out of your mind and focus on a hotel in Calp.

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