Si Moore

For the last ten years I’ve been lucky enough to be alongside people in love doing crazy things all over the world. The need to tell those love stories well, mixed with the strong light and beautiful isolation of New Zealand, has given me a bent for producing work that’s full of strength and intimacy – and a dangerous habit of saying ‘yes’ to the craziest of ideas.

My journey to photography has taken me through years in the music industry, dabbling in film-making and a host of other creative sidelines that’ve left me with a strong passion for all things analog, shooting truckloads of film, and realising that humans are built with a desire to create brilliant things together.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Build Yourself Not Your Brand

At the heart of every wild idea that you’re chasing as an artist and entrepreneur is one vital ingredient – YOU. The work you create, the business you run, and the crazy schemes that keep you awake at night are all intimately built on the foundations of who you are as a person and who you’re challenging yourself to become. I want to show you how to get fearless, get deliberate, and build yourself into the artist you know you can be.

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