Skinny Money Maker | Bridle Leather | Tan

205.00 +VAT

HoldFast Money Maker Straps. The Multi-Camera strap that started a style revolution.

The Bridle leather MoneyMaker SKINNY is only 1″ wide but includes removable shoulder pads. The D rings are removable as well, so you can decide to keep and use them or remove them on your own! The MoneyMaker is made from U.S. native steer hides, anchored stainless steel d-rings/hardware (no rust), safety straps for ultimate security and impeccably versatile design make this an essential tool for the modern photographer. Secure your cameras and important gear where it’s most accessible and comfortable—right on you. This leather is strong, waxy and weather-resistant. Pair the Camera Leashes with the MoneyMaker to create a 3 camera setup or add the ability to attach and use other accessories.

Fit is based on HEIGHT & BROADNESS. The ideal carrying position of the MoneyMaker is for the strap to fall about 4″ below the armpit so the cameras stay high on the body.

SMALL= Height of 5’7″ (170 cm) and below (if you are broad/built then size up)

MEDIUM= Height between 5’8″-6’2″ (173 – 188 cm) (if you are slender then size down, broad or built size up)

LARGE= Height of 6’3″ (191 cm) and above OR wear extra large clothing


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