Jonas Peterson

United States

Photographer + Visual Artist

My heart is too big for my body, so I take it on trips where I tell stories about love. So far it seems to settle it down.

I've been many things, some of them define me, others have just flashed by on my journey to become me. I'm still not there, but I'm on my way. Today I shoot weddings for a living, but it's stories about people that keep me going. It's easy to get cynical working in the wedding machine, but I was brought up thinking we're all equal.

That we're all worthy of love.

I've been named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world and I’ve shot weddings all around the world, but titles and accolades only distract you from why we do this. I don't think anyone shoots weddings just for the money, deep down we share a passion for love and how it unites us - and that is the core of the stories I try to tell.

I just want to tell the story of how you love.