WUN2.0 Presentations Available

WUN2.0 | An Online Conference

Our first online conference for wedding artists and entrepreneurs happened in Stockholm in February 2018. Over two days, 8 unique personalities shared presentations on their various fields with keynote styled presentations in front of a studio audience.

The presentations are €49 each and will be digitally delivered within 24 hours of being purchased via the email address provided at purchase.

Lauren Scotti


I strive to have my work and online presence be consistent with my life and who I truly am. I used to think there was some secret to finding success. I thought I had to do things a certain way to find it but have since learned that is simply not true. I will tell you how I built a natural influence and developed a consistent look to attract a broad audience outside of just the wedding industry.

How networking and building meaningful relationships in whatever industry you are in is crucial to growing your business. It is so easy to share the best parts of our lives on the inter webs (guilty!) but how do we stay authentic to our true selves while still well using social media to our advantage.

Presentation Time: 31 minutes

Erin Bishop

Happily Ever After – Wisdom for Photographers on working with Planners

With 10 years of event planning experience, I feel like I’ve seen it all, or most of it anyway. I’ll be sharing some insight to a planners job and perspective, why they do the mysterious (aka annoying) things they do, and some tips and tricks on how to work together with planners in a mutually beneficial way.

Presentation Time: 49 minutes

Karin Hägglund

Dare to own your feelings on the roller-coaster that’s life!

In this captivating talk Karin will by using storytelling speak about how to own your feelings and have the courage to find your way forward in the ups-and downs that is life. We need tools to handle our experiences when we fail in order to succeed!

Presentation Time: 1 hour 17 minutes

Andria Lindquist

Experience over Images

Sure, an amazing photo on the wall is great but what about the feeling, the experience, what went on IN that photo? Sure, having a packed schedule is great but how do those clients feel taken care of? Are they educated, informed and know what to expect? There’s so much more in being an incredible photographer than the final image. We need to bring an experience, a process, a confidence from start to finish, we need to give more focus and effort to the things unseen when what we’re generally held to is only what is seen on a screen. experience, do you have one?

Presentation Time: 50 minutes

Joshua D’Hondt

Breaking the Rules

I will share my detailed thought process when I walk into a new situation: how and where do I get started. “I will share my detailed thought process when I walk into a new situation: how and where do I get started. * How to prepare and manage expectations – your own and your clients. * Analyze a space for good light and clean backgrounds. * Find compositional and contextual potential. * How to create ‘out of the ordinary’ images in a messy home. We’ll talk about a lot of rules, so you can choose to break them after!

Presentation Time: 43 minutes

Jacey Lamberton

You’re not in the business you think you’re in

Content marketing is where you show potential customers why your products aren’t the cheapest – but they’re the best. It’s how you prove you understand their desires. It’s how you give your brand personality. It’s how you give life to your values – and reach the customers who share them.

Presentation Time: 53 minutes

Anna Kuperberg

Photographing Families

You will learn how to shoot families in a loosely directed editorial style with narrative and emotion. Also: * How to prepare your clients for the shoot * How to interact with children in a way that brings out their natural spontaneity * Workflow including post production and sales.

Presentation Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Hannah Millard

Face Your Fear of Filmmaking

Fear can holds us back… but the best things I’ve ever done have frightened me. Fear is an opportunity; fear is a magnet. I’ll share my experiences of leaping into the unknown, adding filmmaking to my business and how exploring a new medium can make you a more creative photographer.

Presentation Time: 48 minutes

Note: Lindsay Adler and Tuija Seipell were also presenters at WUN2.0, but their presentations are omitted due to contract commitments with other parties. 

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