Creativity Crisis 2.0 Euro Edition with Brian Morrow

brian morrow creativity crisis

Creativity Crisis with Brian Morrow

Brian Morrow is a film producer, business owner, and fairly new dad living in Los Angeles. You might have seen him on stage at Way Up North in Rome or Stockholm either as a speaker or host.

To say we have a soft-spot for Brian is an understatement. We have endless admiration for his brilliant mind, and for him to be so involved with the world of WUN is very important for us.

About The Webinar

This webinar covers the gambit of creative business thinking in a period of unknown.

Brian shares thoughts on where motivation can come from when things feel inspiring, and spoiler, it comes from creating more work.

Here’s a breakdown by Brian describing what the webinar is about:

Whether we like it or not – We’re alive during a massive global transition. One that’s actually much bigger than the pandemic. What’s still undecided is whether or not we usher in a new era that’s awesome or one that sucks a big fat butthole. Because there is SO MUCH we can do together, but if we decide to be passive about it, our new world is going to bite it. Jokes aside – this is an urgent call to action.

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  1. Brian, I have know your parents Jim and Bart for a life time. Jim was working on a project at my house when he bought an engagement ring for your mom. I am a published author of three book and I am writing another.

    You said that you were a film maker. My books might interest you as full length movies—Sundance film Festival?? I would love to see these books on screen. Would you be interested? The book NATURAL LAW received the Texas author award. I have been a meditator for 46 years. Jim taught my son as a 7 year old. 307-851-6320 love to talk to you.

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