Way Up North 2022 Rome Schedule

Showtime! Rome is right around the corner with all the glorious sites, smells and sounds that it brings with it.

The 2022 edition of Way Up North in Rome is WUN’s third tour of duty in the Eternal City, and the 12th event we’ve hosted dating back to 2015.

We’re thrilled to return to Italy, and here is how the breakdown looks during the event. Let’s go!

May 2nd

16:00 – 18:00 | Canon Couple Shoots

Welcome to the Canon styles shoots! That’s right, Canon, Platinum sponsor for this edition of Way Up North, will be hosting five styled shoots with couples.

Get on the guest list for this event and – more importantly – get your hands on some incredible Canon gear to kick-start your WUN experience!

Note: you must be on the guest list to attend these shoots.

19:00 – 21:00 | Welcome Gathering | Hotel Ripa (Via degli Orti di Trastevere)

This is an optional social gathering and a chance to grab your event badge early.

If you’d like to grab your event badge, simply bring ID with your name on it, we’ll match your name to the event guest list, and you’re good to go. Your badge is needed to enter the theatre for the event on May 3rd and 4th.

Event badge aside, the gathering is a chance to say hello to everyone prior to the show. There is no set agenda, just a casual get together with high-fives and drinks!

May 3rd

06:00 | Sunrise Session w/Rebecca Carpenter & Imagen

Rebecca Carpenter & Imagen welcome early risers for a sunrise couple session through the streets of Rome to start your WUN experience!

Note: you must be signed up to attend this event.

08:00 | Coffee & Registration | Cinema Troisi (Via Girolamo Induno)

Doors open at 08:00, so swing by early and grab a drink of choice in the cafe at Cinema Troisi.

Once there, Way Up North team members will be setup inside the café where we will present you with your guest badge. There’s no need to print anything, just bring Identification with your name on it and we’ll match your name with the guest list. Something like a drivers licence, passport, etc – any ID with your name on it is fine.

In addition, those who are receiving Italian translation services during the event can pickup their headsets directly in the Cinema Troisi café area.

09:00 – 10:45 | Block One

Fabio Mirulla | From the beauty to the gesture

Is aesthetic beauty what only matters in photography or should we aim to something more? We live a life full of small important gestures that needs to be remembered. That, for me, is one of the things that photography should look for.

Riccardo Fasoli | Truth & Fiction

We are invaded by beauty and the extraordinary where normality no longer seems worthy. We are in search of being able to produce something that amazes others. But is this really our job? We are in search of being able to produce something that amazes others.

11:30 – 12:25 | Block Two

Roberto Panciatici | Change

Change is the soul of every journey, but what does it mean to change in our reality as photographers? This word now takes even a more important meaning, both for our visual expression and for our business. Accepting change as part of our life and processes will be our secret ingredient to evolve in something new. Are you ready to change?

13:45 – 14:45 | Block Three

Danilo & Sharon | How impeccable service made our photography business skyrocket

We believe that wedding photographers are supposed to deliver more than just great photographs (the product). We should also be providing a beautiful experience to the couple, and everyone involved (the service). A great portfolio might get other photographers to like you… But the impeccable service, followed by a creative presentation is what actually gets you overbooked long term.

15:45 – 16:45 | Block Four

Eva Maria (Pink Iceland) | Know your audience by heart

Emotional intelligence is key and it’s not only what you do on the wedding day. How you feel during that experience and how you will process that feeling into memories (photos being one of those way to keep the memories alive). We as planners and the photographers play a big role in that.

16:45 Onwards | Canon Happy Hour | Cinema Troisi Foyer

Get your drink tickets from the Canon during the breaks at their booth, and enjoy a beverage on them in the theatre lobby to wind down day one!

May 4th

08:00 | Coffee & Registration | Cinema Troisi (Via Girolamo Induno)

Swing by early and take in the vibes.

09:00 – 10:00 | Block Five

Everbay | Human First

When we think about what our own wedding, that we partly captured ourselves, taught us about wedding photography or how different approaches got us to different destinations around the world and how connecting business side with personal help us tell meaningful stories for our couples, it all comes down to being there as a human first. In the end, do you ever talk with your clients about what they love about their photos the most?

10:45 – 11:35 | Block Six

Lilly Red | Slow Down and Listen to the Change – Building a Business that Doesn’t Leave you Burned Out

La dolce vita…the sweetness of life and the beauty in the world around us. Learn to build your business in a way that embraces who you are, that is an embodiment of your style, your values, and how you see the world so that we be inspired and have a meaningful business that keeps us growing and doesn’t leave us burned out.

12:30 – 13:20 | Block Seven

Rebecca Carpenter | Build a portfolio that lets you live your dream life

How I built my business around the life I wanted to live; from just a girl with a camera to shooting around the world in a few short years. I’ll offer you all the advice, tips and inspiration you need to build a portfolio that gets you the weddings you want, and takes you one step closer to living your dream life.

14:30 – 16:30 | Block Eight

Mónika Frías | How not to die of boredom

Creativity is a muscle that needs training. For me, doing the same thing for too long has always resulted in stagnation and boredom (procrastination). How have I identified the red flags? and how I have worked to get out of them.

Javier Abad | My own algorithm

In this modern world we live many of our decisions, even if we don’t realise, are dictated by algorithms and AI. I want to talk about decisions I´ve made, has shaped my life, my business and the person I am. And how following my own algorithm allows me to live the life I want while I continue to enjoy my work and my photography.

Wooden Banana Party

The legendary Wooden Banana Party ends Way Up North in Rome. Get your 50 SHADES OF BANANA attire ready as we dance the night away with a 3 hour open bar with Michael Antonia and Matthew Rubino behind the decks.

You need to be signed up to attend the party – there will be a guest list checked at the door – so get your name on the list and join this messy dance party!

Note: You must be on the guestlist to attend this event

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