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Sara Lejon

It breaks our heart writing this post, as one of our own isn’t doing well.

Briefly about Sara Lejon, she’s one of the warmest people in our wedding community. A Swede who lives in London, she’s the person you want around you because she’s pure kindness. We don’t know what else to say other than that – she exemplifies what it means to be positive person.


Brain Hemorrhage

Sara’s family has allowed us to share this, so here goes. Sara has experienced a brain hemorrhage. What we’re told is she had surgery, woke afterwards, then had a setback with swelling in her brain. She fell in a coma and her medical team are now holding her in a sleep with the hopes the swelling goes down. We don’t know more than that.



We don’t know what will happen with Sara. We do know money helps. Maria Eberfors, another Swedish photographer, is who we learned of Sara’s state from. Maria has raised money in Sweden for her, and now we are hoping to cast a wider net. As Maria wrote to us:  

However bad it is she desperately will need that money to make some nice things. Massage or special therapy or whatever… champagne… pay rent… who knows. And I pray that she can make a decision about that soon herself.

  We ask for your donations for Sara, and you can help via the button below.  


Words From Sara

One of Sara’s most recent Facebook posts speaks volumes about who she is, and why she’s loved by so many. Take a moment to read the text below and if you have it in you to give, please donate to Sara.

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