Way Up North Awards 2019 – Finalists

The results are in for the 2019 Way Up North Awards! We’re excited today to share who the finalists are.

The winners will be announced live at Way Up North in Copenhagen on April 21st.

Additionally, the winners of Europe’s Best Wedding Photographs will also be shared at that time.

Thank You Judges

To begin, we want to thank our illustrious panel of judges who took a lot of time to deep dive into the submissions.

This is a time consuming process, and we’re grateful they were up for it.

Give them a thanks when you see them in Copenhagen (or somewhere else along the way)!


Danelle Bohane


Si Moore


Taylor Jackson


Nisha Ravji



Shari & Mike


Mark Pacura


Costa Sisters


Hello Tomorrow


The fall edition of Way Up North is on October 13th and 14th.

Tickets are available now for €145.

Europe’s Best Wedding Photographer Finalists

2018 Winner – Karin Lundin

2017 Winner – The Kitcheners

Carolina Segre

Linda Eliasson

The Kitcheners

Europe’s Best Young Wedding Photographer Finalists

2018 Winner – Anda Upmale

2017 Winner – Danilo & Sharon

Aase Pouline

Jennifer Nilsson

Minna Kaitajärvi

Europe’s Best Wedding Videographer Finalists

2018 Winner – Kaco Films

2017 Winner – Kaco Films

Kaco Films

Miki Studios

Maru Films

Europe’s Best Wedding Story Finalists

2018 Winner – Chloe Lapeyssonnie

2017 Winner – Angelica Braccini

Benjamin Martinot

Martin Šlechta

Europe’s Best Wedding Video Finalists

2018 Winner – Cinema of Poetry

2017 Winner – Ben Walton

Cinemate Films

Kreativ Wedding

Maru Films

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